Stenlim DYNAMATRIX CMA 300ml

Stenlim DYNAMATRIX CMA 300ml

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Description DYNAMATRIX® CMA CONCRETE & MASONRY ADHESIVE is a premium polyurethane concrete and masonry adhesive that is advanced, with non-sag properties, is low V.O.C. compliant and is formulated to meet most demanding concrete, masonry, landscape and hardscape projects. It offers unmatched strength and durability even when bonding two non-porous materials. It provides a fast and permanent bond. It can be used for interior or exterior projects. It can be used for residential, commercial or industrial projects. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Technical Data Sheet for additional safety information.

Features and Advantages

- Can be used on dry, damp, wet, frozen and treated surfaces

- Superior adhesion

- Easy to apply

- Fast curing

- 24 hours or less

- No shrinkage

- Water, wind, frost, solar and solar thermal shock resistant

- Seismic shock resistant

- Cures in cold temperatures

- LEED® project friendly

- High-sag resistance

- Smooth bead

- Environmentally safe low V.O.C.